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Advanced Wellness Center will perform a Easy, Fast, Painless 30 minute treatment! Advanced Wellness Center utilizes STATE of the ART lasers to perform our specialized Cold LASER Auriculartherapy treatment protocol. All treatments are performed by a Doctor of O.M., c.l.t & N.Y.S. LAc. with a quarter century of experience as a Wholistic Healer.

The merger of ancient acupuncture and STATE of the ART LASER Technology has resulted in an ideal treatment modality for smoking cessation. The processes consists of an Easy, fast, painless 30 minute treatment, a correct diagnosis, effective treatment therapy and a post operative consultation. It is FAST, SAFE, and a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE means for Smoking Cessation. It is a relaxing, sterile and non-invasive procedure performed in a professional atmosphere.


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Easy, Fast, painless 30 minute treatment. Our Proprietary cold laser auriculotherapy treatment is Simple!


Our Treatment is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE... Enjoy being SMOKE FREE!*